Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal

Scratched glass is common in high traffic areas like doors, glass railings, and storefront glass.  Constant contact areas like doors and railings are very susceptible.   Vandals often target easy-to-access glass like storefronts.  Glass can be scratched during construction.  If you have priced replacement glass, you know how expensive it can be.  In addition to the cost, you face the disruption of having the glass removed and replaced.  For a third of the price of replacement, scratched glass can be repaired to original clarity with no distortion. 

Scratched glass, besides being unsightly, is also weaker.  The pane will always be more likely to break along the scratch, a safety issue in public areas.  Removing the scratch strengthens the entire pane.

Also, hard water staining, such as from sprinkler systems, chemical exposure, or acid tag vandalism can cause etching.  These stains can appear hazy or milky.  We can easily repair this damage.


We use the state of the art Glass Renu system to polish out all types of glass damage in tempered, heat-strengthened, or annealed glass.  In fact, we’re proud to have the first Glass Renu Certified Technician in Ohio!

We’ve been providing window cleaning services in northeast Ohio since 1993, so this is a natural complement to our building services.  Our expertise in access means no window is out of reach for us.  Call us for a free consultation!

Glass_scratchedAcid etching on window
Restoring glass badly stained by silicate runnoff
We saved the contractor $48,000 in glass replacement costs
Entrance glass often takes a beating. We can restore it to original condition!
Scratches caused during construction
Vandals with a scriber caused this damage
Extensive construction damage being repaired
Scratches in constant contact areas can be very deep
Our access expertise means no window is out of reach!
Vandalism (acid etch)
Sanding the frames left these scratches on the glass

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