“It has been great working with you. I came back and informed our owners group how nice it was to work with a company that takes safety as serious as we do and seemed to be 100% ready for the project. We typically have to push to have employers go to the level of safety you came prepared to work with. I look forward to working with you on future projects as they come up. Thank you for your attention to the safety of your crew!” – Safety Director on one of our recent projects

Far too often, the bottom line trumps safety in the window cleaning industry.  Every window cleaner says they “follow OSHA guidelines”, and are “trained”.  We will provide you with a site-specific safety plan for your facility, identifying hazards and outlining safety procedures we will implement.  In addition to our rigorous in-house safety training, our technicians also must earn OSHA 10, and supervisors must earn OSHA 30.  Manlifts, rigging, and backup safety equipment is inspected daily.   We provide documentation for the extensive training our technicians receive.   We work closely with the IWCA, which developed the safety standards now part of OSHA 1910 regulationsMWCOA Logo. All of this gives you peace of mind, and reduces liability exposure.

For more information about BUILDING OWNER/MANAGER responsibilities under the new OSHA standard issued January 17, 2017, please visit:

These extensive new requirements may mean big changes on your roof.  Call us for details.

WCH Ledge

We always tie-off for ledge work. Note the use of double lanyards as shown above.

Wayne County Court House

We always protect the public with proper traffic control, barricades, and warning signs.

ashland hospital

A worker assigned to rigging and rescue remains on the roof during RDS (Rope Descent Systems) or ledge work at all times.



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